College history

The history of the branch of the educational institution «Belarusian state technological University» «Vitebsk state technological College»began on November 11, 1983, when it was created «Vitebsk secondary city vocational school № 163». The school was engaged in training mainly for Vitebsk industrial associations «Dolomit» and «Ceramics», which for five years were the basic enterprises of the school.

1984. The first set of students and September 1, seven study groups in the number of 394 students started classes, and «Vitebsk city secondary vocational school №163 «reorganized into»Vitebsk secondary vocational school № 147 builders.»

1993. «Vitebsk secondary vocational school № 147 builders» changed part of the name. Its name was «Vitebsk vocational school № 147 folk arts and crafts».

In 1994. The school was transformed into»Higher vocational school of folk arts and crafts».

2000. «Vitebsk higher vocational school of folk arts and crafts «changes its status to»Vitebsk state vocational College».

2005. «Vitebsk state vocational College» changes its status. Its name is: «Vitebsk state technological College». And now graduates can continue their education in a similar specialty and receive secondary special education in a shortened form.

2013. Educational institution «Vitebsk state technological College» is included in the structure of educational institution «Belarusian state technological University».

Today, the branch of the educational institution «Belarusian state technological University» «Vitebsk state technological College» is one of the most advanced educational institutions of the Vitebsk region, which trains more than 1,000 students in 18 specialties.

The College does not stand still, regularly works on updating and replenishment of material resources. Favorable conditions for work, study and rest, as well as purposeful activities of teachers, improve the quality of training of skilled workers and specialists, active participation of students in various competitions and competitions both regional and national level.

Our institution is proud to look forward to new victories and achievements.