Technical operation of cars

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Head of the department
“Technical maintenance of cars”

Telephone: 8 (0212) 53-06-08

Branch information
Specialty 2-37 01 06 Technical operation of cars(by directions)
Qualification mechanical technician
Training period
  • General secondary education – 2 years 10 months (budget form of study)
  • General basic education – 3 years 10 months (paid form of study)
  • Vocational and technical education – 1 year 10 months (budget form of education)
Number of students 210 people

All teachers working in the department have a higher specialized education. The training is carried out taking into account modern requirements for specialists and workers in this field.

Practice Base and Student Distribution

1. Branch “Bus depot №1 of the city of Vitebsk” OJSC “Vitebskoblavtotrans”
2. JSC “Motor transport enterprise №4 of Vitebsk”
3. JSC “Vitebskoblagropromtrans”
4.Vitebsk regional unitary enterprise of car service and trade
5. JSC “Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Farm”
6. JSC “Motor Transport Enterprise №1” Vitebsk
7.STO “Formula 1”
8. Private private enterprise “Oleservice”
9.STO “AvtoMayak”
10. CHPTUP “Araon-Auto”
11. JSC “Firm” Omega “
12.ChUP “Avtosson”
13.Vitebsk branch of the Republic of Belarus “Belpochta”
14.ST “Tyz”
15. ChTUP “OrshaGranService” Orsha
16.ODO “OrshaGranStil” Vitebsk
17.UP “Vitebskvodokanal”
18. UKTP “Vitebsk TTU”
19.ODO “Lada-Express”
20. JSC “Rudakovo”
21.UP “Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian railway” Vitebsk base (transport)
22. “Amico” LLC

Learning perspectives

Contracts on continuing education in a shorter time (correspondence form) with:

1. UO Polotsk State University
2. GUVPO “Belarusian-Russian University” Mogilev
3. Belarusian National Technical University
4. UO Brest State Technical University
5. EE “Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno”

The department “Technical maintenance of automobiles” is one of the youngest departments of the college. The first set of 62 people was made in 2008. Over its ten-year history, the separation has gone through a difficult and at the same time interesting way of becoming. At present, 210 people are trained in the specialty “Technical maintenance of automobiles” (in areas) with the qualification of a specialist “technician-mechanic”.
Classes at the department are held in classrooms, laboratories and workshops, equipped with multimedia teaching aids, modern booths, natural samples of parts and components of cars.
When training, attention is paid to car design issues, testing, diagnosing, car assembly technology, its structural safety, as well as computer-aided design systems.
The training program provides for the acquisition of skills to work with technological and diagnostic equipment, practical skills in car maintenance.

In order to increase the level of knowledge and skills of graduates, as well as taking into account the requirements of employers when choosing an educational institution, our college has introduced the discipline “Diagnostics of cars” and elective courses: “Tools for car service equipment” and “Designing car service organizations”. Practical classes and training practices are held both on the basis of college workshops, and at motor transport enterprises of the city.
During the passage of educational practices, students acquire skills in welding, plumbing and turning.
During the period of study, students have the opportunity to get a driver’s license for driving a category “B” and “C” (for a fee) in a college driving school, where there are all conditions in order to help novice drivers to get a basic basis of driving, as well as to increase the level of driving craftsmanship and maintain safety in difficult situations.
During the school year, an open week of the cyclic commission, as well as various conferences, competitions of professional skills, exhibitions of technical creativity, and excursions are traditionally held at the department. Students are happy to attend and actively participate in organizing and conducting these events.

It is important that graduates of our department have the opportunity to enroll for a reduced period of study in a number of higher educational institutions of the republic:

– EE “Polotsk State University”
– GUVPO “Belarusian-Russian University”
– EE “Grodno State University. I. Kupala ”
– “Belarusian National Technical University”
– EE “Brest State Technical University”

Thus, despite the relatively short period of existence, the young branch “Technical maintenance of automobiles” creates all the conditions for the training of professionally competent specialists and makes every effort to establish them confidently in the modern labor market.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2458" src="" alt="" width="40" /> Technical operation of cars

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