Distance learning

Distance learning is a form of organizing the educational process for people who combine education with professional work.

The college conducts study by correspondence on the basis of general secondary education in the specialty «Forestry».

Qualification Specialist: Forestry Technician.

Duration of study — 3 years 6 months.

Vocational guidance booklet department


Organization of educational activities of students of correspondence courses

In accordance with the state standards for the training of specialists with secondary special education, extramural education is carried out according to the same curricula as full-time, in the same volume and with the same list of disciplines studied. A distinctive feature of the correspondence form of education is the fact that training of students is carried out on the job, in the form of a combination of periodic stationary classes during periods of laboratory and examination sessions with independent study of program material. At the same time, 70% of the time provided for the implementation of the curriculum of each specialty is devoted to independent work. Of the total hours of the curriculum, the number of classroom hours for part-time students is 30% of the number of classroom hours for full-time studies.

In college, every third Saturday of the month, Correspondence Day is held: counseling is provided by teachers according to the schedule. On other days, consultations are held individually.

Forms of educational activity of students: review classes, laboratory and practical classes, course design, pre-diploma practice.
The start of classes for each course is September. The end is June (except for the last course). During the school year, laboratory and examination sessions are held according to the schedule of the educational process. July, August — holidays.

The participation of students in laboratory and examination sessions is carried out on the basis of the reference call of the established sample in accordance with Article 216 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus. The duration of pre-diploma practice is 4 weeks (1 month).

Pre-diploma practice is conducted, as a rule, at the same enterprises where students work. In this connection, at the graduation course, part-time students provide information that they work according to the profile of the chosen profession. Preparation for the state exam and state exam in the specialty «Forestry» — 3 weeks. For the period of implementation and protection of the graduation project (state exam) issued a call. Diploma of secondary special education is issued to students — part-time students of a single sample with full-time education. Laboratory exams for correspondence students are conducted according to the schedule of the educational process.

The call for participation in the laboratory and examination session is sent (issued) to students who do not have academic debts for the previous session and who have all completed home test papers in the disciplines submitted for the session to the beginning of the next laboratory and examination session. Completed in accordance with the task home examinations are sent (provided) to the college for review in the terms established by the training schedule. Check and review of home test work is carried out by the teacher within 7 days from the date of its receipt.

By results of performance of home control work the offset is exposed. Work done after the deadline set by the training schedule is accepted for review with the permission of the head of the department. Students who have not completed the curriculum but arrived at the laboratory and examination session are allowed to study, as well as to pass exams or compulsory examinations (R & D) in the disciplines in which they have completed all the home examinations provided for in the study schedule. Students who have completed home tests, laboratory and practical work, completed and evaluated at least 4 (four) points of the course project are admitted to the exam or OCD for the discipline in accordance with the discipline curriculum.
Students who have fully completed the curriculum of this course and have received at least 4 (four) points on exams (OCD) are transferred to the next course. Students who have academic debts in no more than two disciplines based on the results of the laboratory and examination session, the order of the director of the college sets the time for their elimination — before the laboratory and examination session of the next semester begins. Those with academic debts in three or more disciplines are expelled from college.

Significant reasons that led to the failure of the educational schedule, are illness, long business trips. In these cases, an application is submitted to the college’s director for the transfer of the laboratory and examination session (if they will be on this course at a later date). A corresponding document is attached to the application (certificate of the medical institution or organization where the student works).

Students who have not started their studies without good reason, are subject to expulsion from college.